Photo of the week: Caldera de Taburiente from Los Andennes

September 16, 2018

Life is busy. I’m getting more tour guidg work than expected, which is great, but it does make it hard to get on with the writing. I’d hoped to send the 3d edition of “A Breathtaking Window” off to the printers by now, and I haven’t even finished writing it, much less got the layout and proof reading done. I still hope to have it on sale by Christmas. And…


Free book (SF satire)

Book 1 of the Zaftan Troubles by my fellow author Hank Quense is now available and it’s free on Smashwords: and a number of other book sellers. The six other books in the series will roll out at two-week intervals. You can check out an overview of this scifi satiric series at:

September 13, 2018

Wednesday Opinion: Stupidity

Yes, I know it’s Thursday. I’m trying to finish a book. I’ve been thinking about stupidity lately. I mean, whatever your politics are, half the country thinks you’re stupid, and you probably think they’re stupid and rude. Everybody seems to think it’s only the other side that’s rude. This is because nobody ever calls you stupid for agreeing with them. So. Stupidity. It’s a word that gets thrown around a…

August 23, 2018