Los Indianos

Today was Los Indianos, which is usually my favourite night of Carnival. It’s the night when people dress up in white, maybe have a suitcase full of Monopoly money, and for some reason throw vast quantities of talc at each other. By vast, I mean tons. Literally tons.

My son spent last night with my friends on Franceses. The plan was for them to bring him home this afternoon, then we’d all go out and get covered with talc, and then they’d stay the night.

How do you make God laugh? You tell him your plans.

Since I went out with my husband last night and had a good time, I was hung-over this morning so I never got my costume ready. Then Helen got a stinking cold, so they brought my son home, and then went back to Franceses. And then it started raining.

So we stayed home and I got the novel up to 75,000 words instead.

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