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Photos of the week

      It’s been another frantic week. I’ve had plenty of guiding work again, plus the Starlight guide course. My cold is better, but I trapped my hand between my car door and the wing mirror of an adjacent car. I count myself extremely lucky that it wasn’t very much worse. Progress on the guide book is still happening in embarassingly tiny steps, but I keep going. I even…


Clouds and trees

I’m still extremely busy with tour guiding work, which is nice. Last year March was dead, but I look like being busy up to Easter with a Starlight Guide couse to fit in too. And now I’ve got a bad cold. But I’m still plodding along, taking baby steps on the guide book update and slowly making progress.


Sunday photo: Chai snoozing

In case you’re puzzled, she’s got her frontlegs crossed. the pink fur and ribbon thing is her favourite toy, which she carries around the house with her, like a toddler with a teddy bear. Yes, I know I’m posting a lot of photos of Chai. She’s extemely photogenic. In other news, work continues slowly but surely on the book. I’ll get there! But carnival is coming and I’ll probably take…