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Sunday photo: bees on a palm flower

My car failed it’s technical inspection on Friday. Yesterday I went to Los Cancajos to get a hire car while my own is fixed, and I saw this Canary palm tree in flower. Wikipedia tells me it’s a male flower. Canary palm trees are a kind of wild date palm. You can eat the dates; you just wouldn’t want to, since they’re small, the pit is large and they’re much…


Free book (SF satire)

Book 1 of the Zaftan Troubles by my fellow author Hank Quense is now available and it’s free on Smashwords: https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/872986 and a number of other book sellers. The six other books in the series will roll out at two-week intervals. You can check out an overview of this scifi satiric series at: https://padlet.com/hanque/hdg4c2cy3njx