San Antonio del Monte 2013

Touching the statue's belt for a blessing, San Antonio del Monte, Garafía
June 13, 2013

This weekend will see the biggest livestock fair on the island, in Garafía. San Antonio del Monte used to be a village, but the villagers moved away. About the only thing that’s left is the church of St. Anthony and the feast day, with it’s massive fair. Apart from the animals, there’s a craft fair, and of course lots of stalls selling cheap toys, food and drink. It’s a pretty…


Their Majesties, the Reyes Magos

Gaspar visiting Santa Cruz de la Palma Although Father Christmas does visit Spanish children, he’s a new arrival. Traditionally the presents arrive on the morning of January 6th, when the three kings visit baby Jesus. (The sales don’t normally start this early, because Christmas isn’t over here.) And on the evening of the 5th, their majesties ride in procession through most of the major towns and villages in Spain. In…

January 5, 2013

Happy Christmas

A dry agave flower stalk sprayed gold and used as a Christmas tree
December 24, 2012

A Very Merry Christmas to all my readers. And if you celebrate something other than Christmas, I hope you have a wonderful time celebrating that.


La Fiesta del Borrachito

I’ve managed to miss this fiesta every year for 21 years, but I’m told it’s rather good. It’s one of those fiestas where the devil appears and joins in. Since the “devil” has a costume involving lit fireworks, it’s not advisable to wear your best clothes as they might get pinhole burns. It all happens at Lodero on the night of August 26th.

August 25, 2012

A Romeria for St Anthony

A romería is a cross between a religious procession and a party. Typically, they hold a special mass and then take the statue out for several kilometres along a traditional route, followed by floats which hand out free food and wine, and lots of people, some in traditional dress, many of them singing and / or dancing. Since it’s a big event, most of them don’t happen every year. Tonight…

July 21, 2012

The Sacred Heart 2012

It’s the Sacred Heart fiesta in El Paso this weekend, where they make archways and beautiful salt carpets. Here’s a few photos. These panels and archways area around the church and old church, and the street leading downhill from there. And the church gets decorated too, this year with pink calla lilies.

June 22, 2012