San Antonio del Monte

Dancing at San Antonio del Monte, Garafía
June 14, 2009

  Yesterday was the biggest livestock fair on the island. San Antonio del Monte used to be a village, but the villagers moved away. About the only thing that’s left is the church of St. Anthony and the feast day, with it’s massive fair. Apart from the animals, there’s a craft fair, and of course lots of stalls selling cheap toys, food and drink. It’s a pretty enough little church,…


Bees and Butterflies

Burr marigold (Bidens alba) also known as Amor secalo with Colias crocea butterfly
May 2, 2007

A butterfly on amor-secalo (Bidens alba) Yesterday was a public holiday here, so I went to see my friends in Franceses Alone, since my husband and son didn’t want to come. It was drizzling when I left, but the sun was shining by the time I got there. We had the usual wide-ranging conversation about how their house was getting on, how my writing was getting on, and whether your…