Picture of the week: The Large Size Telescope uncovered

The Large Size Telescope with the mirror finally uncovered and the camera finally in place, Roque de Los Muchachos, La Palma
September 30, 2018

I went up to the Roque to do some tour guiding, and found the LST looking very different. The cover’s gone from the spectacular mirror! I used to think that nothing would ever make the MAGIC look small. Less noticable, but just as important, the camera is in place. It’s the white box just above the tower. The inauguration will be October 10th.


Work starts on the Large Size Telescope

The plaque fro the first stone ceremony for the Large Size Telescope at the Europen Northern Observatory at the Roque de Los Muchachos
July 29, 2016

Work has finally started on the Large Size Telescope. The first stone ceremony was held on October 9th. This week the bushes have been cut down ready for the bulldozers to move in. Like the MAGIC, the LST will be a huge Cherenkov telescope (looking for gamma rays from space) with a mirror 23m across. The larger mirror will enable it to see fainter Cherenkov light, and therefore lower energy particles….