Peace, less-than-perfect peace

Well, I dropped my son off at summer camp yesterday afternoon. Since I only had 800 words of the current translation left, I was looking forward to some “me time” — sort of. I intended to finally sew the curtains for the living room, so we could watch TV or play video games without having the rigmarole of covering up the windows with whatever’s available. (The TV is opposite a…

July 28, 2009

Vanishing Time

I wonder where the week went? I know I gave my nieces English classes on Monday and Tuesday. But that’s only an hour a go – it hardly fills up the day. And I did some work on the translation – again that would account for perhaps another hour. I know where Wednesday went. One of my friends in Franceses needed to go to the doctor, so I went along…

August 15, 2008


Yesterday was my day for coming across craziness, and not the good sort. First up, this video from This Is True. (I love This is True) An American politician called Brent Rinehart is running for re-election with a comic book full of s**t stirring and spelling mistakes. (Does a County Commissioner have much to do with education in his district?) It also talks a lot about “The homosexual agenda”, without…

July 27, 2008