Rally car zooming through San Jose, Breña Baja
October 6, 2011

The annual car rally takes place this weekend. On Friday night from 9 pm to midnight they’11 be racing in Breña Baja, from El lineal, past Monte Breña and San Jose to San Antonio. On Saturday from about 9 am to about 7 pm, it’s the same route in reverse. Meanwhile, also on Saturday, they’ll be racing around Martin Luis to Puntallana and around Tigalate. The prizes will be given…


Regatta in Tazacorte

Better late than never – I’ve just found out that Tazacorte is hosting a regatta this weekend for “international class 470” boats. (I hope that means something to somebody. My ignorance about sailing is vast, mostly because I get very, very sea-sick indeed.) It started on Friday. Sunday’s the last day, with the fleet setting sail at 11 am, the races starting at 2pm, and the prize-giving at 3 pm….

August 21, 2010

35th Isla Bonita Car Rally

  The annual car rally is today, with 59 cars going along the route three times. This is quite a big event in the national rally calendar, because racing along La Palma’s twisty roads is not at all like racing round a track. Today’s route goes through the Breñas and Mazo. The road will be shut at 11:10, 14:14, and 18:10. It opens again when all the cars have gone…

October 11, 2008