Squee Sunday: chicks

February 5, 2017

Spring isn-t far away in the Canary Islands Incidently, it was a bit harder than usual to find these pictures. What do you think happens when you Google “cute chicks”? So then I tried “chicks and hens”, and got what I wanted, plus a lot of photos like this: It’s a plant called chicks and hens, which is in the Crassulaceae family, like the aeoniums. (There are lots of aeoniums…


Squee Sunday: Bath Time for Baby Sloths

I love a good squee. I enjoyed this one so much that I’m sharing it with the world, and planning to share some “squee” every Sunday. Because why not? And you know, it’s easier to be kind when you’re happy. Kindness is good.

December 18, 2016

Squee Sunday: Big cats with boxes and toilet rolls

November 20, 2016

So most cat owners will tell you that domestic cats love sitting in cardboard boxes. It turns out that big cats like them too. Luckily I’ve never had a cat been owned by a cat who had the toilet paper habit, but I’ve heard of plenty that do. And yup, that includes big cats. The videos are from Big Cat Rescue. They have loads more, and the charity in Florida…