And yet more driving

May 22, 2008

Yesterday N went to see her car insurance firm. Yes, the policy includes a tow truck. Yay! But the truck would come from the other side of the island so she couldn’t travel with it. On the plus side, they should get to the car half an hour after she phoned. So off we went back to Garafía, yet again. We phoned the insurance firm while we were stuck in…


Flowers and hospitals

April 25, 2008

This morning Lou had a hospital appointment at 8:30 pm. Great timing! This is just when both our sons are supposed to start school. Fortunately little Sam was well enough to go for a while, so I left home with my own son early, then we picked up Lou and Sam, dropped Sam off at nursery, dropped Julio off at school, and got tot he hospital only a couple of…