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September 20, 2007

Yesterday I had another group to show around the William Herschel Telescope. I had to drop my son off at school at 8:30, and be at the residencia for 10, which didn’t quite leave enough time to make it worth going home. So instead I went straight up the mountain, and had fifteen minutes to take photos at Los Andennes, where you get a specatcular view into the Caldera. From…

September 16, 2007

Today we went to see our friends in Franceses. It’s the first time my husband’s been there, and he was impressed at what they’ve taken on and how much they’ve done so far. They’ve now almost finished their entertainment room, and it looks great. I’ll have to sort out some “before” photos to post. It’s going to be a lovely house when they’ve finished, but of course they have a…


Papers, papers, papers

This morning I went with Helen and Theresa to try to sort out paperwork, seeing as Theresa has just started her first job in Spain. I thought we’d manage the tax office, and maybe Social Security. To everyone’s surprise and delight, we got Theresa registered for tax and social security, Helen registerd for Social Security too (no translation of wedding certificate needed) and we even managed to set up a…

September 14, 2007

A Great Day

Today was my son’s first day back at school. He wasn’t at all keen to go, because last year he had a personality clash with his teacher, and in Spainish primary schools, you keep the same teacher for two years at a time. But this year he’s been moved, oficially to even up class numbers. But I suspect that I’m not the only one who felt a change would benefit…

September 13, 2007

Up in the clouds again

September 9, 2007

I thought the guiding work had dried up, but I was asked to show the Herschel to a group of German amateur astronomers on Saturday. To begin with, it was embarassing. They already had a guide with them who a) spoke German and b) had guided people around telescopes in Hawaii and Chile and c) had done a heck of a lot of homework on the Internet. So I welcomed…


A Magical Perk.

August 15, 2007

Yesterday I was guide for another two telescope visits. Unusually, they were afternoon visits. First I showed a sick boy and his mother around, and then a group of British amateur astronomers. The best bit was that after the amateurs finished seeing the Herschel, they were going to visit the MAGIC telescope. I hadn’t seen that one yet, so I tagged along. MAGIC stands for Major Atmospheric Gamma-ray Imaging Cherenkov…