10 cm telescope on a tripod with two people
June 10, 2017

I haven’t posted for a while. I didn’t feel like posting a Squee Sunday right after the Manchester attack, although there are good arguments for carrying on as normal. I’m impressed by the way most of Manchester is refusing to blame innocent people, which probably annoys ISIS no end. They’ve said repeatedly that they want to make life impossible for any Muslim who doesn’t join them, and the alt right seem…


The TV program with me at the observatory

June 3, 2017

I can’t believe I never posted this. Back in April I was surprised to find a TV crew joining one of my groups at the observatory. This is the program – only n Spanish, but there’s some good footage of the big telescope and of the observatory. I’m not so sure about the redhead with the terrible accent, though. The gastronomy at the end is from Hacienda de Abajo. If…


Radio Silence

Sorry I’ve been so quiet I’ve been: revising for German exams Sitting German exams translating at Transvulcania . fighting off a lurgy. Yesterday was the oral exam, and it went much better than I feared, so I’m pretty confident that I’ve passed the course exams and I can move on to Intermediate German next year. I thought “certificacion” on June 5th meant that they’d hand me a certificate for this….

May 17, 2017

Off on holiday

This afternoon I’m flying off to Berlin with fellow students from my German class. I’ve scheduled a Squee Sunday for while I’m away, but I’m not sure if I’ll be able to create new posts post with my phone. Surprisingly (to me, anyway) I’ve found that I can write fiction on my smartphone. I use the Evernote App which means that I can access the files from a computer afterwards….

March 18, 2017

Pi Day

March 15, 2017

If you write the 14th of March American style, you get 3.14, so American geeks call it “Pi Day” and generally celebrate by eating pie. This strikes me as silly and arbitrary an excuse to eat pie. So of course we celebrate it. I don’t cook pie often because pastry is a bit of a faff on and cleaning up afterwards is worse. One of the few exceptions is Pi…



This morning I went to sign off for the month as an self employed. I tried to do it on Friday, but Social Security said I needed to sign off at the tax office first, and they said I needed to make an appointment, which I couldn’t get until today. When I got there at 9:10 I had to queue while another lady got a huge pile of papers rubber…

March 1, 2017