Status Quo

May 27, 2018

Friday was a bit mad. I showed a group around GTC in the morning, then went almost directly to the airport. I was booked on the 7:30 pm flight, but that left things rather tight the other end, so I joined the waiting list and waited. And waited. And got on the 6 pm flight instead (hallelujah!) That meant I got to La Laguna on Tenerife in comfortable time for…



On Tuesday I went to Tenerife with my son for an appointment. The day went really well until we tried to buy a video game in El Corte Ingles. Slow serivice meant that we missed our bus to the airport and had to take a taxi (I can think of better things to do with 15€). Worse, my son forgot his phone in the taxi. Worse still, it was in…

September 3, 2015

Izaña part 2: stargazing

Venus and Jupiter and a different telescope, Izaña, Tenerife
July 21, 2015

  Since I got there early, I got a chance to try to photograph the nearest star – our Sun, through a small telescope with a filter which lets through a wavelength called H? (pronounced H alpha). It was tricky. I’m pretty short sighted, and I can’t see well with my glasses squdged up against the viewfinder. For normal stargazing, I take my glasses off and refocus the telescope, but…


A visit to Izaña: part 1 Solar laboratory

The pyramid solar laboratory, Teide Observatory, Izana, Tenerife
July 16, 2015

  I was lucky enough to be able to join the belated Solstice dinner held by the Association of Starlight Guides on Tenerife. It was great to meet so many of my collegues, but best of all, the dinner as held in the Teide Observatory. I’ve been wanting to have a look inside for at least 5 years. It meant an early start. I needed the car to move around,…


Izaña and Las Cañadas

The Teide Observatory with Mt Teide behind.
June 25, 2015

  Today we drove from Puerto de la Cruz over the top of Tenerife, down to Los Cristianos to catch the ferry home. I took the chance to detour past the Izaña observatory, although the public aren’t allowed inside. Like La Palma, the trade winds create excellent observing conditions on the windward side of Tenerife. The observatory is above the clouds, where the air is very clean and dry, and…



Sheila Crosby and her son at EWASS
June 24, 2015

  Well we didn’t sell many books, but it was an interesting experience and it got my name out there a bit. I’m glad we went.