Sunday Photo: the Large Size Telescope

This is the large size telescope this morning. The engineers have taken the covers off the huge mirror, which makes it all the more spectacular. In other news, I’m the featured business at Starter Story It’s about how I started Dragon Tree publshing

April 7, 2019

Clouds and trees

I’m still extremely busy with tour guiding work, which is nice. Last year March was dead, but I look like being busy up to Easter with a Starlight Guide couse to fit in too. And now I’ve got a bad cold. But I’m still plodding along, taking baby steps on the guide book update and slowly making progress.

March 24, 2019

Sunday photos: Close-ups of Chai

January 20, 2019

As it turned out, yes I had overdone it taking photos of the almond blossom. I spent most of the next four days in bad, and I only went back to work yesterday. But in one of my not-in-bed episodes, Chai consented to my taking some close ups as she sat on my lap.