Writing Roundup for 2017

To be honest I’m a bit disappointed with my output this year, especially the second half. I’ve been busy with tour guiding and a lot of real life got in the way. Still and all, it’s not too bad. LaPalma-island.com 96 posts (not all of them new) SheilaCrosby.com 76 posts (not all of them new) 11 short stories sent to the critique group 7 short story submissions and 7 rejections…

December 31, 2017

Guest post by my friend Hank Quense: Creating Stories

April 18, 2017

Recently I’ve been reading “Creating Stories” by my friend Hank Quense. It covers slightly different, more advanced ground than -“From Story -idea to Reader. I think they’re both excellent books. Take it away, Hank!   My recently published Creating Stories has everything I’ve leaned about writing stories over the last twenty years. Below is an extract on plotting. Learn more at Amazon. From Chapter 6: Constructing a plot A plot…


I did it!

I did it! I typed the magic words THE END I still have to process the feedback from my beta readers for the last 10 (short) chapters, but I got to the end. Just in time too. La Palma is celebrating the 10th anniversary of the starlight declaration and I’m going to be very busy indeed from now until Friday.

April 17, 2017


I’m having a good time in Berlin, seeing the sights and walking miles. In fact I’m too busy to write much.

March 22, 2017