Virga clouds

A virga cloud (rain without reaching the ground) over La Palma
August 5, 2016

La Palma is on fire. See My house is quite safe, but not all my friends are. A lot of the south west of the island has burned, but the fire appears to be under some sort of control on most fronts. Most of it is too depressing to talk about. Anyway, as a result I learned about a new type of cloud. A virga cloud produces rain that…


Time for some fun.

It’s been freakishly warm for months, but winter suddenly arrived on Thursday. I pretty much spent the day hibernating, apart form German class. Yesterday morning I went into town. It was raining but that usually means very short queues everywhere. I didn’t take an umbrella because of the gusty wind, just a cagoule. I got everything done, with gaps of waiting around in shops for the heavy showers, then headed…

February 20, 2016


Our printer’s finally died. It’s been getting more and more persnickerty for some time, and more and more inclined to print at a slight angle, make graunching noises or chew up the paper. Well, it finally went to the great yard sale in the sky. My husband found a new (second-hand) one for free, so on Thursday afternoon I was trying to install the driver for the new model. It’s…

October 23, 2015

The first winter storm

Rainbow over the Concepción headland, La Palma, Canary Islands
October 16, 2015

Even La Palma we have bad weather sometimes. Usually it’s in winter when a big depression rolls in from the Atlantic, bringing wind and rain for a day or two. I’m philosophical about it: you can’t have the rainbbows and lush forests I love so much without rain sometimes. But it is a pity for holiday makers, especially when they come here to escape the cold. Yesterday La Palma had…


Life is what happens…

  ..after you made other plans. Here’s what was supposed to happen today: I had a group of students to show around two telescopes. Since they were going up in a bus from Los Cancajos and the weather forecast was poor, I arranged to drive to Los Cancajos, leave my car there, and go up with them in the bus. This would avoid the usual confusion created by bad weather…

March 20, 2015