Work in progress

I like my new website much better, but I lost lots of readers. I suspect that people who Google La Palma related stuff look st the results and trust much more than So the La Palma stuff is moving back to   Just to make things interesting, the combined site is just over the maximum size to import the whole shebang at once. I’m going to: Backup something…

August 13, 2015

Website progress.

I seem to be winning. The site is up, and looking fairly pretty. I’ve sorted out all the pages (the stuff on the fixed menus at the top) and imported all the posts from and, although the photos stayed behind. I’ve managed to find a plugin to help me move all those photos, and I’m steadily working my way through, importing photos and tweaking. I’ve already got most…

April 28, 2015

If at first you don’t succeed…

… try again. This is the new home for Getting it Write and Star Island, although there’s still afew bits to add. La Palma Island will be joining soon. This new blog looks much prettier, and hopfully this time I won’t wipe it out while trying to upgrade. (And yes, I have a backup now. You bet your bibby I have a backup. Three, actually.)

April 9, 2015

Do I dare?

Only three weeks ago I managed a quick and perfect installation of WordPress to get ready for my blog upgrades. Today I tried to do it for real, and it all went splat. Perhaps because this was on top of the old site instead of a nice new one. I have a backup of the site. Maybe I just need to take a very deep breath, clean it all out,…

February 8, 2015

Working on the website

I have too many blogs. There’s this one, and the one about La Palma, and one about astronomy and one about El Hierro. Plus there’s my main site (or at least it used to be my main site, but it’s very eglected and old-fashioned.) And my bookshop. All this takes up far too much of my time and interferes with writing. So I’m combining them. Stage 1: Move to…

February 4, 2015