Off on holiday

This afternoon I’m flying off to Berlin with fellow students from my German class. I’ve scheduled a Squee Sunday for while I’m away, but I’m not sure if I’ll be able to create new posts post with my phone. Surprisingly (to me, anyway) I’ve found that I can write fiction on my smartphone. I use the Evernote App which means that I can access the files from a computer afterwards….

March 18, 2017

Back at Rivendell

Laptop on a table in front of a window, with the Caldera de Taburiente outside
January 28, 2017

Yay! I’m back at Rivendell for the weekend. Only I have to say it’s not as good as last time. It’s better! There are kittens and I’ve got wi-fi, which is why I can upload this post. This time, the place is petty full.We all had a BBQ last night. As so often happens with BBQs, we ate far later than expected, but we had a good time. I love…


I have an article up at Hello Canary Islands

October 7, 2016

La Palma is a small island, just 17 miles by 28 (27 x 45 km). You can easily experience a different landscape every day for a week. “The Dead Sea” I’m standing beside a grid of square, shallow ponds, each one maybe a metre across edged with stone. The water in each pond is a pale coral pink, with a lacy white edging. Some have white mounds in the centre….



Writers and Bloggers of Spain conference, 2015 at the Parador in Antequera
November 11, 2015

. I’m back home and feeling an intermittent tap against my toes as they touch the ground now and then. The conference was great! WABAS stands for Writers and Blogger in Spain but we were a very diverse group, including a market researcher, a virtual assistant, a flamenco dancer and an English teacher. I signed up for it because I felt I needed to get off my hamster wheel in…


My Amazon author’s page

I was preparing a non-fiction query, and one of my writing friends said I ought to include my Amazon author page. So I went to get the link and realised that it was ridiculously out of date. So that was the next half hour or so taken care of while I updated it. In the process, I got a lovely surprise. I finally have some reviews. There’s one for “The…

September 15, 2015

Starting writing again

August was so busy that I had to stop writing, and then I had to catch up with housework (at least sorta kinda catch up) before my son’s birthday party. But now most of the really urgent stuff has been done, and I can start work on the novel again. And in a burst of unusually nice timing, I have some information I can use. I realised a while ago…

September 6, 2015