Writers and Bloggers of Spain conference, 2015 at the Parador in Antequera
November 11, 2015

. I’m back home and feeling an intermittent tap against my toes as they touch the ground now and then. The conference was great! WABAS stands for Writers and Blogger in Spain but we were a very diverse group, including a market researcher, a virtual assistant, a flamenco dancer and an English teacher. I signed up for it because I felt I needed to get off my hamster wheel in…


My Amazon author’s page

I was preparing a non-fiction query, and one of my writing friends said I ought to include my Amazon author page. So I went to get the link and realised that it was ridiculously out of date. So that was the next half hour or so taken care of while I updated it. In the process, I got a lovely surprise. I finally have some reviews. There’s one for “The…

September 15, 2015

Starting writing again

August was so busy that I had to stop writing, and then I had to catch up with housework (at least sorta kinda catch up) before my son’s birthday party. But now most of the really urgent stuff has been done, and I can start work on the novel again. And in a burst of unusually nice timing, I have some information I can use. I realised a while ago…

September 6, 2015


After 4 days off in a row, the house is looking cleaner and tidier. The heaps of “stuff to tidy later” have shrunk noticably. I bought fly swats instead of just cursing the flies. I submitted two stories. I’m feeling loads better too. In fact, I know I’m fully recovered because I’ve finally got the urge to write fiction again. And I’m back to work tomorrow, so I won’t have…

August 28, 2015

Finally put to bed.

Book tucked up in bed
June 1, 2015

At long,long last, the Spanish second edition of my guide book to the observatory, “Una espectacular ventana al universo” has gone to the printers. I’ve been trying to put it to bed for weeks, but it kept wandering downstairs asking for another drink of water. Here it is, finally tucked in with its favourite bookmark. In other news, Padwon needs a new home. I’m told he’s very well behaved and…


The grand combined blog

HAnds holding a glowing Earth
May 6, 2015

I had too many blogs. There was the La Palma blog, and the personal blog with the writing stuff, and one about astronomy and one about El Hierro. Plus there was my bookshop and my main site (or at least it used to be my main site, but it was very neglected and old-fashioned.) All this took up far too much of my time and interfered with writing. So I…