Photos of the week: May 20th

A butterfly on Spartocytisus supranubius on La Palma
A butterfly on Spartocytisus supranubius

It’s been a busy week: constant headaches, my annual mammogramme, two cruise ship excursions, three German exams, a massage from the physioterrorist, a short (3-hour) course on internet marketing and a morning tour guiding at the Roque. Oh, and being taken out for lunch for Mother’s Day. This particular corner of Spain celebrates it on the 3rd Sunday in May, and has done since before the rest of Spain chose the first Sunday in May.

So busy, which is why I’m posting this a day late.

Today I got my eyes checked in case that was the source of the headaches. Nope. It might well have been stress since they’ve largely gone. Then I bought a much-needed new bathmat, learned that I passed my German exams (whew!) and went to yoga.

Now that exams are over and the cruse ship season is largely over, tomorrow I really must get back into writing.

I took both photos on Sunday morning, on my way up and down the mountain.

A ledge in the wallof the Caldera deTaburiente, La Palma island
A ledge in the Caldera wall

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