Life being a bit too interesting

January 7, 2018

Tonight my husband took it into his head that he wanted photos of himself dressed as Libelula with the Christmas lights in San Pedro. So we did. It was fun, but I was tired afterwards. I get clumsy when I’m tired and somehow I wound up tipping a full mug of pumpkin soup into the bag where I keep my huge, half-finished tapestry. Of course that meant I had to…


An Unusual Tree

December 16, 2008

I’m getting a little more organised. Over the weekend I managed to get the last of the Christmas cards in the post and to cook industrial quantities of lentils and chicken stew, so I’ve got ready meals in the freezer. Last night I managed to get to yoga. Only three students turned up, so the teacher asked what we wanted to do. I said, “Relaxation,” since my head was buzzing…