Squee Sunday: Chipmunks

Chipmunks are rodents from the Tamias genus. Most species live in North America. The exception is the Siberian chipmunk, which lives where you’d expect it to. They’re omnivourous and store food in cheek pouches, like hamsters. The move fast and jump incredibly high.


Today was tiring

I had to get up early today to work at the observatory. The two visits went well, although I had to modify the second one because the telescope was taking delivery of a new scientific instrument called EMIR. EMIR is huge and it weighs 5 tonnes, and I was quite excited to see it. I was also pleased to see the project manager briefly, because I’ve known her for 25…

Cecilia Payne

Happy Birthday Cecilia Payne

Cecilia Payne deserves to be far more famous than she is. She discovered what the stars are made of. Cecilia was born in Wendover on May 10, 1900, so she’d be 116 today. Her father died when she was just 4 years old. She won a scholarship to Cambridge university to study botany. She switched to astronomy after a year after attending a lecture by Arthur Eddington and passed her exams,…