Us with the sardine

Photos of the Los Sauces Sardine, 2015

Saturday night was the sardine’s funeral in Los Sauces, which is my second favourite thing in Carnival. Unfortunately I knew I had to leave home at 8 am Sunday morning to show two groups around the Roque, which meant I needed a reasonably early night. I went with my husband, saw the first half of the procession, then drove home alone, leaving him to catch one of the special buses…


Upcoming events: 27th Feb 2015

Friday 27th 6pm in Los Cancajos: Coso de Carnaval (Carnival parade) Lots of cute kids in cute costumes, and some adults will dress up too. They’re expecting about a thousand people in the parade.   Saturday 28th at 8 pm in San Jose: Election of the child carnival queen.   Saturday 28th at 9:30pm in Los Sauces: The Sardine’s funeral (the big one!) There will be extra buses.   And…

The Justice of the Peace, 60s wedding, Los Sauces

The 1960s wedding

  Well that was fun. We got there about 6 pm, and the square was empty. It turns out that the wedding procession starts at the north end of town, and move pretty slowly, stopping for refreshments on the way. Some of the costumes were gorgeous. When the procession got to the main square, the guest went up on stage for the wedding. At this point my camera battery gave…


“Making Habits, Breaking Habits” Chapter 9: Making Habits.

“Making Habits, Breaking Habits” by Jeremy Dean.  Full disclosure: If you buy the book through the link, it won’t cost you any more, but I’ll get a few pennies. But my main motivation for doing this is to understand the book properly. What follows is my summary of the chapter. ==================================================================== Successful famous people often have a regular routine. Working steadily on your main goal is clearly an important part…

Mojitos being prepared: rum, lemon juice, mint, ice, sugar and water Santa cruz de La Palma


  Mojitos are a popular drink during Carnival: sugar, lemon juice, rum and mint. This bar in Santa Cruz is famous for them all year round, so during Carnival they prepare them in batches. This was one of the smaller batches! Or you might be able to find a mobile bar where they use freshly squeezed sugar cane instead of sugar and water. This looks cloudy, but I much prefer the…