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Photos of the week: salad

I collected my weekly box of veg from the Casa amarilla in La Ledas, and I got excited about making a salad for lunch. I don’t often get excited about salad, but it looked so fresh and crisp and juicy and tasty! I could almost see the vitamins dancing on top. One of the advantages of salad for lunch is that it doesn’t take long. Apart from the lettuce, rucula,…


Sunday photos: a moth and a couple of flies

The late spring flowers are in full bloom at the observatory, and lots of insects are enjoying the all-you-can-eat buffet. This isn’t a bee because it’s only got one set of wings. it’s some sort of fly. This is some sort of moth, but as you can see I photographed it in broad daylight. I’m getting better at sharp close-ups. And finally a little fly who obligingly posed for me…


I have been examined

I did most of the language school exams for German before I went to Menorca. I flew back on Saturday, and on Monday I walked into my German class and asked, “When’s the oral exam, then?” And the teacher said, “Now.” Oh God! But at least I didn’t have time to get nervous. I later found that I’d passed all the language school internal exams. Unfortunately they weren’t so important…