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Finland’s Independence Day

Dec 6th is Finland’s national day, so of course all the Nazis came out for a parade. But there’s also good news. People pledged small sums of money to charities for every Nazi reported taking part in the marches. Together they raised 1223.94 euros per Nazi. The police estimated that 180 Nazi turned up, so that’s 220,309.20€ to causes in support of a more gender equal, democratic and diverse Finland!…

Me having a hard time in Tazacorte, La Palma

Selfie time!

I have a new smartphone. This one really is smart, where the previous one was pretty dumb. For one thing it has a much, much better camera. For another, it also has a front camera, so I can take selfies. Note to self, don’t frown with concentration when taking a selfie. It’s not a good look. Also, try to avoid taking it from below. I think a selfie stick would…


German word order

I’m finding German classes rather hard going. There’s so much grammar! I find it really hard to remember all the bits when I’m putting a sentence together. One of the things I find hardest is the word order. In German the verb is always the second element of the sentence: I work as a tour guide. Tomorrow work I as a tour guide. If it’s a phrasal verb (a verb…