Sunday Photos: the wig festival

February 23, 2020

Carnival really starts with the wig party. It’s a great idea because a cheap wig is cheap and fun but creative people can get creative. Essentially we put on an art show for each other. And then drink and dance. Sometimes groups of friends go with the same disguise – it think it would halp to keep track of each other in the crowds. Some designs are definitely one off….


Sunday photos: willow catkins

February 16, 2020

Willow trees like damp sports, so they aren’t common in the Canary Islands, but there’s one on the road to the observatory and its catkins are in flower. The tree looks almost luminous.


Working with Japanese TV

February 13, 2020

  I had two days of fun work with the Japanese Broadcasting Corporation. They’re making a program on Gamma Ray Bursts, but while they were here they wanted some historical stuff too. We filmed at the INT and WHT but also at an archeological site that marks the summer solstice and behind the JKT where the first British site testers mounted a telescope. As I say, it was fun. They…


Sunday Photos: The road to the observatory

February 9, 2020

These photos were taken on the way down fromthe observatory on Saturday.   In other news, I finished the writing for the guide book on February 2nd. Getting an ISBN was a bit fraught because I only do this about once every 5 years and the process is full of Spanish technical terms like “paperback and “perfect bound”, but it’s done. Now I’m wading through the proof reading. It’s a…