God Save the Queen concert

The God Save the Queen concert
July 23, 2015

  I’ve missed a lot of the Bajada one way and another, but we did get to the “God Save the Queen” concert last night. If you haven’t heard of them, they’re a Queen tribute group. We weren’t sure how good they were, but we bought tickets on the assuption that there’s a huge gap between “As good as the original Queen” and “Worth 15€.” Are they as good as…


Seeing the dwarves for free

One of La Palma's dancing dwarves, Santa Cruz
July 10, 2015

  Seeing the dwarves dance in the street is a very different experience from seeing the paid performances. The singers and dancers are very tired, because they’ve been performing all night, and they’re covered in sweat. You’re much more immersed in the experience. Ont he other hand, it’s hard to get a clear view for photos. On the other hand, you’re much, much closer to them. Near the end, people…


The Dancing Dwarfs

July 17, 2010

I’m annoyed. The tickets for the dwafs were 21.35€ each, and I had to jump through hoops to get them. When they went on sale, the website sagged to its knees under the strain of so many customers at once, so it took about 10 attempts before I was able to buy them. And then they emeailed me instructions on how to collect the tickets which were less than clear….



July 13, 2010

Last night’s pandorgas were lovely, but tiring. I had to park well south of town and walk in. On the way, I fell in with someone I know, and took some photos of her gorgeous little niece. I was so late I began to worry that I’d missed the whole thing, but when I eventually I found the parade, it wasn’t even halfway along its route. The lead pandorga was…


La Palma’s Bajada Programme for Tuesday and Wednesday

Pandorgas, Santa Cruz de la Palma, 2010
July 13, 2010

Last night’s pandorgas were beautiful. And he first one in the procession was the world cup, which got a tremendous cheer. Tuesday 13th 10 am – 2 pm The usual sporting stuff in the sports ground. 12 noon. All the church bells will ring at once. 12:15 Special concert by the municipal band in the Casas Consistoriales de Santa Cruz de La Palma. 5 pm Dance of the gargoyles going…


Programme for Saturday 10th and Sunday 11th

9 am Children’s sport Canoeing in the port Aerobics in Calle O Daly Basketball in the sport area, just outside the port of Santa Cruz Skating in the sea front car park Tai Chi Plaza José Mata Death slide / zip wireSanta Catalina castle Cycling A route around the town 11 am Children’ ballet, “The Dance of the Mermaids” First performance: Plaza de la Alameda; Second Acera Ancha; third: Plaza…

July 10, 2010