Wednesday Opinion: Stupidity

Yes, I know it’s Thursday. I’m trying to finish a book. I’ve been thinking about stupidity lately. I mean, whatever your politics are, half the country thinks you’re stupid, and you probably think they’re stupid and rude. Everybody seems to think it’s only the other side that’s rude. This is because nobody ever calls you stupid for agreeing with them. So. Stupidity. It’s a word that gets thrown around a…

August 23, 2018

Photo of the week: New Moon and a butterfly

August 12, 2018

These two photos are the same butterfly. I think I need to look it up. Whenever it settles, it closes its wings and all you can see is the very pale yellow underside. But when it’s fluttering about, the vivid yellow tops of the wngs are far more noticeable. I’d have loved to get a sharp phoo of that, but the butterfly just wasn’t cooperating.


Wednesday Opinion: Black Swans

I haven’t been writing much in this blog, so I’ve decided to give myself a regular weekly task and see if that helps. I’m going to do an opinion piece on Wednesdays for a while. In “Never Split the Difference: Negotiating as if Your Life Depended on It”, Chris Voss talks about Black Swans. You see, all Europeans assumed for centuries that all swans were white. the 2nd-century Roman poet…

August 8, 2018

Photos of last week: The lunar eclipse

August 5, 2018

Better late than never, right? It’s now almost a year since I bought my new DSLR. The Pentax K 70 is supposed to be good for night photography, but I haven’t done nearly as much of it as I wanted. It seems like almost every night, either I’ve been exhausted, or I’ve had to get up early, or there’s been high clouds or Sahara dust. So I made an extra…