Monsters in the street

My son went round to a friend’s house to play. When I went to collect him, the friend’s little brother, aged three, told me it wasn’t safe to leave because there was a monster in the street. So he went first with his ray gun and killed the monster for us. You forget these things so quickly. It’s nine years since my own son was killing monsters.

October 28, 2008

Unreal Estate

October 25, 2008

Issue 15/16 of Electric Velocipede should be out by Halloween, with my story “Unreal Estate”. You can already pre-order it at the site, or enjoy three stories from the issue, free online.



October 21, 2008

Last night the moonrise was beautiful. I didn’t have time to get the tripod, but I think I managed to capture something of the atmosphere.



The BBC has a fascinating news item about sunken treasure found near Sumatra. (See ) About 1,200 years ago, the Chinese were already mass producing china for export. But the two bits that got me: the blue dye used for blue and white china originally came from Iran, and the dhow was probably headed for the port of Samara, which is called Basra today. So the good Samaritan in the…

October 19, 2008

A Productive Week

I’ve been doing rather well. On Monday I had some new furniture delivered – cheap, because it was shop soiled. But one part provides enough storage space to tidy up the living room considerably, and the other part goes in the guest room (with the scuff marks hidden against the wall) which frees up a bookshelf, which is just the right size to fit in the gap in the pantry….

October 18, 2008