I met Irene Villas and was Inspired

June 30, 2022

Most British people have probably never heard of Irene Villas. (Spanish Irene is three syllables, with short vowels.) When she was 12 her mother was driving her to school and they caught an ETA bomb intended for someone else.  She lost both legs, one right at the hip, and several fingers.  Her mother lost an arm and a leg. Now she’s all grown up with children of her own. She’s…


Scan Results

June 14, 2022

I finally got my results from my CAT scan at the end of May. All clear, nothing nasty. I hadn’t noticed that I’d been hunching my shoulders until I got the news and they dropped. I’ve got three new articles on Medium.com this year which I’ve never mentioned. Why I Give My Pronouns It’s only a small thing There is no such thing as a cat Who Gives Medical Treatment…


My Hair’s Back!

June 12, 2022

My hair is coming back! I didn’t believe it at first because the Internet says 3-6 months and I only finished chemo 6 weeks ago. I thought the fuzz on my head was left over from cutting off the remains of my hair, but it’s far too thick for that, and it’s all the same length, about 2 mm. I couldn’t have got it that close and even with scissors….