Sunday photos: Cat nursing

June 27, 2021

I’m house sitting and cat-nursing. That’s my patient, who had a nasty abscess drained just before his humans were about to leave for a much-needed break. He needs antibiotics twice a day. Could I possibly? OK, so these are the friends who let me use a corner of their office for about a year now, and I’m quite sure I would never have finished three books without that. It’s also…


Sunday photos from La Hoya del Rehielo

A tiny bee (about 1 cm long) Garafia
June 20, 2021

So I finally took a group around the Roque on Friday, my first group for a year. It was a bit complicated because nobody can take groups inside telescopes due to COVID, so I had to get creative. I met them at the heliports and showed them the gamma-ray telescopes, then we went up to the Roque and hiked to the Isaac Newton, stopping at the old goat-herders cabins and…


No Sunday photo: tech problems

No photos this week due to technical problems. This site was displaying all wrong on both my home and work laptops, with all the formatting completely broken and no images appearing at all. I spent a lot of time trying to uncover the crucial difference between this site and which runs the same WordPress theme. It took me ten days to find out that the problem wasn’t the website…

June 16, 2021

Sunday photos: Pizzaman

June 6, 2021

My stay at Rivendell had a wonderful finale. One of the other guests, a nice young man, sent 6 women into sensory heaven and left us all very satisfied – with pizza. This has left me thinking that pizza would be a very useful skill to acquire. Not just to eat myself, but also every time I needed favours. “Come and help me move furniture and then I’ll cook pizza,”…