Sunday photos: Chai, moss and a toadstool

November 29, 2020

Her Royal Chainess continues to recover slowly. We don’t really notice a change from one day to the next but we notice from week to week. She’s walking more easily and meyowling less. The wonky leg is noticably less wonky, and she can jump up onto beds and sofas. We’re giving her the run of the house now, but for the last couple of days she keeps wanting to go…


Sunday Photos: San Bartolome

November 22, 2020

It’s been a busy week. I finished the translation and signed off as self employed. My husband finished repairing the business end of my old laptop which is now in my friends’ office, connected up to a keyboard, mouse and monitor. It was really nice to stop lugging my laptop backwards and forwards, particularly since I have to park some distance away. I’ve got a vague idea for a short…


Guest Post: Hank Quense

Sheila says: I first “met” Hank about 20 years ago at the critters workshop, and we joined a splinter group of 10 for faster turnaround of critiques. Over the years his satirical fantasy stories has given me more giggles and belly laughs than I can count. Lately he’s also been writing nonfiction for writers. I just want to confirm that he does actually know what he’s writing about (not like…

November 16, 2020

Sunday photos: Chai and tiny moth

November 15, 2020

It’s not been the most interesting week. Chai has improved a little and I’ve translated a lot. I should finish the translating tomorrow or Tuesday, and then I have the joy of sorting out the paperwork to be unemployed again. I’m still doing 5 minute writing sprints in the morning, and yes, getting a little faster and looking forward to working on fiction again. And I got a photo of…


Welcome Back, America

November 9, 2020

First the personal news. Chai continues to improve slowly. She no longer stumbles around like she’s drunk to the point of being paralytic. Now she hobbles along like an old lady with a walking cane. Occasional she howls (well, it’s more a meeyowl really) for no visible reason, so we think she gets stabs of pain, but they’re getting less frequent. It’s easier to get her purring too, which is…


She’s home!

November 1, 2020

In this house, October 30th wasn’t Friday, it was Chai-day. I brought her back from the vet’s to general rejoicing. She’s still not cured, of course. She immediately went to hide in a corner and refused to come out, as injured or sick cats will. (I think they’re hiding from the predators while they’re vulnerable.) The last 3 weeks have been traumatic for her so she might have a psychological…