Crime Scene in our House

September 3, 2022

I had a horrible fright yesterday evening. Five minutes after Chai came in I noticed red paw prints all over the floor. About 100 I think. My heart sank. Chai must be injured. Julio helped me catch her, and all 4 of her paws were red.What?I examined her as best I could while she squirmed. None of her paws seemed painful to touch, she was just annoyed at being manhandled.I…


Sunday photos: Chai, moss and a toadstool

November 29, 2020

Her Royal Chainess continues to recover slowly. We don’t really notice a change from one day to the next but we notice from week to week. She’s walking more easily and meyowling less. The wonky leg is noticably less wonky, and she can jump up onto beds and sofas. We’re giving her the run of the house now, but for the last couple of days she keeps wanting to go…


Welcome Back, America

November 9, 2020

First the personal news. Chai continues to improve slowly. She no longer stumbles around like she’s drunk to the point of being paralytic. Now she hobbles along like an old lady with a walking cane. Occasional she howls (well, it’s more a meeyowl really) for no visible reason, so we think she gets stabs of pain, but they’re getting less frequent. It’s easier to get her purring too, which is…


She’s home!

November 1, 2020

In this house, October 30th wasn’t Friday, it was Chai-day. I brought her back from the vet’s to general rejoicing. She’s still not cured, of course. She immediately went to hide in a corner and refused to come out, as injured or sick cats will. (I think they’re hiding from the predators while they’re vulnerable.) The last 3 weeks have been traumatic for her so she might have a psychological…


Another update on Chai Latte

October 25, 2020

Poor Chai got an infection in the smaller of her operation sites and has had to go back to the vet for twice daily wound cleaning. At first she looked very poorly and listless, but she’s back to having enough energy to be stroppy again. She can also take a couple of wobbly steps using her back legs although I think it’s really quite painful for her. In short, she’s…


Chai Latte’s home

October 15, 2020

I’m delighted to say that she’s home. At first she was in a foul mood. I think it’s like small children. While they’ve got flu they just want to sleep but when they start to get better they get seriously whingy and demanding. I think she also wants to run around the house and check that it’s all still there, like coming home froma week at the cattery. Of course…