Another update on Chai Latte

October 25, 2020

Poor Chai got an infection in the smaller of her operation sites and has had to go back to the vet for twice daily wound cleaning. At first she looked very poorly and listless, but she’s back to having enough energy to be stroppy again. She can also take a couple of wobbly steps using her back legs although I think it’s really quite painful for her. In short, she’s…


Sunday Photos: Turn off the lights and turn on the stars

Last night was the Apagón – the big turning off. At a whole bunch of locations around La Palma the street lights were turned off for an hour so we could all enjoy a night sky as dark as the observatory’s. We do this every year, but usually on the anniversary of the Starlight declaration in April. I was in Gallegos with Angelo, one of the new starlight guides and…

October 18, 2020

Chai Latte’s home

October 15, 2020

I’m delighted to say that she’s home. At first she was in a foul mood. I think it’s like small children. While they’ve got flu they just want to sleep but when they start to get better they get seriously whingy and demanding. I think she also wants to run around the house and check that it’s all still there, like coming home froma week at the cattery. Of course…


An update on Chai Latte

October 12, 2020

She’s (almost certainly) going to make it. We got our wires crossed with the vet – our poor girl has two fractures in her pelvis as well as the massive hernia repair. It’s going to take weeks, but she should eventually make a full recovery. We hope.


Sunday Photos: Chai Latte again

October 11, 2020

I think I might have mentioned our cat here on the blog once or twice. We start most days with a snuggle and this improves the quality of my life enormously. We almost lost her last night. My husband came back from the village bar and found her crying and unable to use her back legs at all. We thought she’d been hit by a car and had a broken…


Sunday photos: Animals at Maroparque

October 4, 2020

And the Spanish 3rd edition is at the printers! Yay! I took most of a day off to celebrate, then got back to work on the whodunit. Polishing is now up to chapter 65, so almost 2/3 of the way through. This week’s photos are from the little zoo at Maroparque where one of the parrots tried to eat my friend’s camera. They warn you to put away anything like…