German word order

I’m finding German classes rather hard going. There’s so much grammar! I find it really hard to remember all the bits when I’m putting a sentence together. One of the things I find hardest is the word order. In German the verb is always the second element of the sentence: I work as a tour guide. Tomorrow work I as a tour guide. If it’s a phrasal verb (a verb…

November 25, 2016

Less flu

The worst bit about the flu was the cough, particularly at night. It wasn’t just that it kept me awake. About twice a night my diaphragm went into a complete panic, desperately trying to expel something from my lungs like a Britain First supporter faced with a perfectly nice neighbour who didn’t happen to be white. Every time it happened, I’d cough so long and hard that I’d lose peripheral…

November 4, 2016


Most people would say I’ve got the flu, but it feels as though the flu’s got me. I had two groups at the observatory on Tuesday. I woke up feeling pretty rough, but there was no chance of finding another guide in time, and little chance of telling people it was cancelled before they drove up, so I went. As usual, I got a burst of energy once I had…

November 2, 2016