I’m British, but I do like the nudge to be grateful.This year I’m desperately grateful to all the medical professionals who helped to cure my cancer:Both surgeons and the anaesthetist.The radiotherapy teamThe chemotherapy specialists.All the technicians who operate and maintain the assorted scanners and radiotherapy machinesAll the nurses. My goodness, I’m grateful to those nurses. All the scientists who found out which therapies worked best, and to the patients who…

November 24, 2022

Stourhead Garden

November 13, 2022

I’ve been on holiday to visit family in the UK. I was quite nervous about it, since it was the first time that I’d travelled abroad since being disabled. I still remember the time I arrived at “wheelchair-friendly” accommodation on Tenerife, only to be faced with a flight of 16 steps. That got sorted out, but it made me a bit of a worrier. It all went astonishingly well. The…