After 4 days off in a row, the house is looking cleaner and tidier. The heaps of “stuff to tidy later” have shrunk noticably. I bought fly swats instead of just cursing the flies. I submitted two stories. I’m feeling loads better too. In fact, I know I’m fully recovered because I’ve finally got the urge to write fiction again. And I’m back to work tomorrow, so I won’t have…

August 28, 2015

Fun names on Pluto

Informal names for features on Pluto
August 26, 2015

Sorry for the hiatus: I got overtired and had a lurgy. Now that I have a bit of time and energy, I went to see what’s been happening with the New Horizons fly-by of Pluto. The space craft zipped by the dwarf planet over a month ago, but while it was passing, it was too busy taking photos and measurements to send much back to Earth. Then NASA and JPL…


Blood Moons

The Moon blood red because it's completely inside the Earth's shadow.
August 21, 2015

Total Lunar Eclipse April 15th 2014, as seen from the Mount Lemmon SkyCenter. SkyCenter.Arizona.edu In the early hours of September 28th the moon will plunge into the Earth’s shadow and turn blood red. It’s a perfectly normal event, produced by the combined orbits of the earth and moon and the effect of the Earth’s atmosphere bending the sunlight like a lens, but it’s dramatic and spooky, and if you didn’t…


News about this site

I liked my new, combined website much better, but I lost lots of readers. I suspect that people who Google La Palma related stuff look st the results and trust http://lapalma-island.com much more than https://sheilacrosby.com. So the La Palma stuff has moved back to lapalma-island.com. I’ve had some technical issues, but I’m winning. I still need to: Delete La Palma stuff from here Delete non-La Palma stuff from there Have…

August 20, 2015

A Chameleon in San José

Chameleon on a man's shoulder
August 17, 2015

I always thought that the only chameleon on La Palma was the fountain at La Glorieta, but one turned up at San José kiosk yesterday, together with his/her human. I think it’s the first time I’ve had a good look at a chameleon that wasn’t behind glass. I confess that I’m rather pleased with the photo. It’s really sharp on the chameleon’s eye and s/he doesn’t half look snooty.


Work in progress

I like my new website much better, but I lost lots of readers. I suspect that people who Google La Palma related stuff look st the results and trust lapalma-island.com much more than sheilacrosby.com. So the La Palma stuff is moving back to lapalma-island.com.   Just to make things interesting, the combined site is just over the maximum size to import the whole shebang at once. I’m going to: Backup something…

August 13, 2015