Sunday Photos: Barlovento

April 26, 2021

I didn’t get all that much writing done this week because I snuck off to Barlovento for a couple of nights. My friend Petra had a cottage at Las Cabezadas for a week and invited me to join her for a while. Probably my favourite bit was the ducklings at Barlovento reservoir. As you can see, they were utterly adorable. But as ususal I took photos of everything, particularly insects…


Sunday photos: shelves and Llano de las cuevas

Llano de las cuevas, El Paso, La Palma island
April 18, 2021

I’ve begun sorting out the balcony for summer. It’s a great spot to sit, or at least it will be again with a bit of work. I have a nice patio table and chairs, lots of plant in plant pots, and there’s an amazing view. The trouble is that the junk does collect over the winter. This year I bought some shelves so that I can store all the empty…


Sunday photos: butterfly and Mt Teide

April 11, 2021

I’ve made steady progress this week, but I don’t have anything very exciting to report. I’ve learned about Spanish civics and rivers, produced a different length of synopsis for Murder by Starlight and fleshed out my character profiles for “Pinch Me”. Oh, and I’ve updated my amazon author page It is progress really, but it doesn’t much feel like it.


Sunday photos: Burracas and scones

Pre-Hispanic rock carving at Burracas caves, Las Tricias, Garafía, La Palma island
April 4, 2021

On Tuesday I hiked from the gofio museum at Las Trcias down to Burracas cave. I’ve done the start of the walk before, but this is the first time I’ve actually got down to the cave at the bottom, because it’s not far, but it is very steep. I think I’m getting a little fitter at last. I’m glad I did get down there: I knew about the cave (which…