Photo of the week: A Portal

January 27, 2019

I stopped on the way to the observatory to photograph this rainbow. I’ve ocassionally seen rainbows where the colours were repeated (today I learned that these are called supernumerary bows and you get them when the water droplets are small) but this one had each colour three times over. Since rainbows are wide, I used the “panorama” setting on my mobile. I turned from right to left, not noticing that…


Sunday photos: Close-ups of Chai

January 20, 2019

As it turned out, yes I had overdone it taking photos of the almond blossom. I spent most of the next four days in bad, and I only went back to work yesterday. But in one of my not-in-bed episodes, Chai consented to my taking some close ups as she sat on my lap.


Almond blossom 2019

An old barn surrounded by almond blossom, Puntagorda, La Palma island
January 13, 2019

The almond blossom is really early this year, due to the weird weather. Yesterday I had work at the observatory, and afterwards I went down the Garafia side to take photos. It was glorious. I enjoyed taking the photos and I’m glad to have them, but my cold is much worse today. I think I overdid it.