The zoo

May 29, 2007

On Monday I finally finished reading through the first draft of my novel and making notes of all the many, many things I have to fix. So today I rewarded myself with a trip to the little zoo at Maroparque, just me and my camera. With no cries of “Mummy, I’m bored!” I could take as many photos as I wanted. Four hours flew by. I probably would have stayed…


A long drive

May 25, 2007

Helen and Theresa have been building steps to the entrance of their house, and the neighbours have been coming round to say something-or-other is seriously wrong about this, but with their limited Spanish, they couldn’t make out what the problem was. About the only bit they understood was “Police” and “Fine”. (Fine as in taking money off you, not fine as in OK.) This is enough to send anybody’s blood…


Cyber Sex

My friend Norma’s seen a huge jump in trafic to her site. On closer inspection this turns out to be because the songs on her new album include “The Cyber Cafe”, “Sex and Lies” and “Girls in Ammunition”. So presumably people go searching for “Cyber Sex Girls” and find her. She’s also had a lot of visitors leaving very quickly, presumably sadly disappointed when they realise the site belongs to…

May 24, 2007


May 23, 2007

I went out to photograph the flowers beside the bus stop, opposite my house. And I wound up photographing lizards instead. This one’s male – you can tell by the blue throat patch. I’ve been working on the novel again, for the first time in months. So far all I’ve been doing is re-reading the 50,000 words I’ve written so far and taking copious notes.



One of the less good bits of middle age is getting hairier. I used to have three hairs on my chin which needed pulling out. Now there’s something like twenty. I’m not sure exactly how many because I never let them all grow at once. My eyebrows used to grow in a perfect arch all by themselves and never needed plucking. Now it takes a bit of effort to keep…

May 20, 2007