Sunday Photos: ballistic dandelions

February 28, 2021

Sow thistles look rather like a dandelion gone ballistic. They’re also really popular with insects. This morning I when to the garden at the Caldera visitor centre, and had fun trying to get macro photos of all the insects enjoying the feast. I made lots and lots of notes for the new novel. In the last couple of days, I think I have a rather nice romance sub-plot going, although…


Sunday Photos: More bugs

February 21, 2021

Another week zipped by. I googed off for two days, so inevitably I got less done than usual, but I think it did me good. My writing chums have been busy, and I’ve done quite a bit of crtiquing. I keep making notes for the next novel. I still don’t feel I did much. These photos are from a hike up Barranco de la Madera on Thursday. I also went…


Sunday Photos: her royal Chai-ness

February 7, 2021

I’m happy to say that Chai Latte has gradually made an almost complete physical recovery from her horrible accident in October. She can run around and jump almost as fluidly as before and wash all the hard-to-reach corners again. The most noticable damage is her saggy belly from the hernia and subsequent infection. Her personality’s changed a bit, though. She’s extremely nervous of traffic now, which isn’t surprising. She’s also…