Art at Hacienda de Abajo

A small statue in Hacienda de Abajo, Tazacorte, with lots of happy kids
October 28, 2015

This blog hasn’t had many photos lately, so here’s a few taken of the artwork in Hacienda de Abajo. I don’t know anything about the horse and the (presumably) Chinese statue, I just like them. There’s a tale attached to the saint with a big sore on his leg and a dog, but I was at the back of the group so I missed the saint’s name. Anybody know?



Our printer’s finally died. It’s been getting more and more persnickerty for some time, and more and more inclined to print at a slight angle, make graunching noises or chew up the paper. Well, it finally went to the great yard sale in the sky. My husband found a new (second-hand) one for free, so on Thursday afternoon I was trying to install the driver for the new model. It’s…

October 23, 2015


Today I tried something new: Biodanza. I wasn’t at all sure what it was before I went. I just knew that I need more exercise, it was convienient, and the first class was free. And anyway, I always used to like dancing and I haven’t done any for years. I did email and ask how fit you needed to be, and I was told you can do it at your…

October 22, 2015

The first winter storm

Rainbow over the Concepción headland, La Palma, Canary Islands
October 16, 2015

Even La Palma we have bad weather sometimes. Usually it’s in winter when a big depression rolls in from the Atlantic, bringing wind and rain for a day or two. I’m philosophical about it: you can’t have the rainbbows and lush forests I love so much without rain sometimes. But it is a pity for holiday makers, especially when they come here to escape the cold. Yesterday La Palma had…



100xCiencia was a conference about scienec journalism and outreach. I’d have loved to go to the public talk, but I was so busy catching up after Astrofest that I didn’t hear about it until afterwards. On the other hand, I did get two days guiding work out of it: one trip to the observatory pon Thursday and one to the north of the island on Sautday. The trip to the…

October 12, 2015

The big scrub

I was mad busy before and during Astrofest, and I pretty much ignored the house. Ten days is a long time to ignore housework, and it was pretty terrible at the end of that time. For a while now I’ve joked that my house keeping (or rather lack of) is an act of charity. Any other overworked person who sees my house immediately feels better about hir own. But by…

October 6, 2015