Storytelling Conference

Poster for the Canarian Storytellers conference, 2015, La Gomera
November 26, 2015

Tomorrow I’m off to another conference, this time a 3-day one for storytelling. Not the advertising technique, the “Once upon a time…” type of oral storytelling. Last year was the first one and I met a wonderful bunch of people, so I’m really looking forward to meeting them all again and seeing them perform. The catch (and maybe the best part) is that I’ll be performing too. You see, I…


Rock Art

A wet, spiral rock carving at La Zarzita, Garafia, La Palma island
November 24, 2015

I’ve been having fun hunting up the local rock art with an archeologist from Northumbria. There’s lots of it, but while the rock art from the North Pennines is about 5,000 – 3,000 years old, the Palmeran art is much newer at 1,200 – 500 years old. We went to El Verde near El Paso cemetery, where most of the carvings line up with midsummer sunset or midwinter sunset (well,…



The french flag at half mast
November 15, 2015

I’m appalled. Well of course I am. So many innocent people just trying to have a peaceful night out. In what universe is this justified? And in what universe does it make sense to attack refugees fleeing from the same appalling idiology? Look, the enemy isn’t Muslims. The enemy is hate and violence. “The bully doesn’t fight because he wants to win; he fights because he wants a world in…



Writers and Bloggers of Spain conference, 2015 at the Parador in Antequera
November 11, 2015

. I’m back home and feeling an intermittent tap against my toes as they touch the ground now and then. The conference was great! WABAS stands for Writers and Blogger in Spain but we were a very diverse group, including a market researcher, a virtual assistant, a flamenco dancer and an English teacher. I signed up for it because I felt I needed to get off my hamster wheel in…


Spreading my wings

It’s been a mad busy week, but tonight I’m off to a writer’s conference in Malaga. I’ll be back on Monday night (and tour guiding on Tuesday morning).

November 6, 2015

90,000 reasons to be cheerful

Progress on the first draft of the whodunnit has finally got to 90,000 words. That was a bigger deal than Halloween this year. My son made brownies so I’d have something to put candles in. Not far now, and I’m manageing 200 words per day without much trouble. I really ought to make a final decision on the title soon.

November 2, 2015