Useful Books on Writing

This is a miscellaneous selection of books I’ve found helpful. The links on the left go direct to, and those on the right to Full disclosure: if you buy from these links it won’t cost you any more, but I get a few pennies.

On Writing by Stephen King
Part autobiography, part how-to, and completely inspiring. Still in print after several years, and all the Amazon reviews have 5 stars. Doesn’t that tell you something?
Novel and Short Story Writer’s Market
This lists over 1,350 book publishers, magazines, literary agents, writing contests and conferences (mostly in America) together with helpful articles, and runs to a whopping 656 pages. Excellent value for money.
Writers & Artist’s Yearbook
This is the UK equivalent of Writer’s Market, and a great place to find a market for the story once it’s written. The Society of Authors calls it ‘A must for established and aspiring writers’. There are lots of helpful articles, but the bulk of the 832 pages are listings, including listings of:

  • National and Regional newspapers and magazine in the UK, Ireland, and overseas,
  • Syndicates, news and press agencies
  • Book and audio publishers in the UK, Ireland and overseas
  • Book packagers and Book clubs.
  • TV stations (national and regional, BBC, Independent, Digital, satellite and cable)
  • Radio stations and audio broadcasting
  • Poetry organisations and Theatre producers
  • Literary agents, UK Ireland and overseas
  • Websites for writers and artists

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