Zombie apausecalypse: Day something. Mental Health

Quarentine is stressful. I’m lucky enough to be shut up in a big house with two people I get along with. Not everyone’s so lucky. Some people are cooped up in small flats with people they really dislike, or they’re alone all day every day. Both of which must be extemely lonely experiences. Perhaps that’s why the Professional Collage of Psychiatrists has issued advice. Due to the great number of…

March 29, 2020

Zombie Apocalypse day 12: Good advice

March 26, 2020

Incoming transmission. #MessageFromTheDoctor #DoctorWho pic.twitter.com/WRTROxWRQy — Doctor Who Official (@bbcdoctorwho) March 25, 2020 Dr Who popped in with some good advice, and I feel better. 1) It will be all right. Darkness never prevails 2) Tell jokes, even bad ones 3) Be kind. In the end we’re all family. 4) Listen to science and doctors 5) Stay strong. Stay positive. It reminded me of this: Which led to discovering this:…


Zombie Aocalypse Day 11: Mind-blowing stupidity

Vox are the Spanish far right party. The We’re-not fascists-honest-we’re-not party. Something like the English Defence League or the National Front.* Among other things, they’re bitterly against immigration, or at least immigration to Spain – nothing wrong with Spanish people working abroad and what do you mean they can’t have it both ways? And now they’re calling for the health service to refuse to treat immigrants. In the middle of…

March 25, 2020

Zombie Apocalypse: Day 9

March 23, 2020

The morning started with a beautiful rainbow and some much-needed rain. And then I found out that the confirmed cases on the island have jumped to 21 overnight. As I said yesterday, there were a bunch of delayed test results yesterday. I assume they all arrived at once, but it’s still a worrying jump. On a happier note, I finally sent the third edition of “A Breathtaking Window on the…


Zombie apocalypse: Day 8

March 22, 2020

I’ve been counting my blessings We still have 14 cases on the island, the same as yesterday, but there’s a delay getting test results so the reality might be worse. The government has extended the period of emergency for another 2 weeks. Hotels are being closed and the telescopes are going to stop work. The rumous going around WhatsApp from people connected with the hospital is that next week should…


Zombie Apocalypse: Day 6 Money Laundering

March 20, 2020

Yesterday I got depressed and didn’t exercise or do anything much. It was only at bedtime that I started to wonder if it wasn’t the other way around, or more likely a vicious circle. So today I’m dancing and sending out invoices and generally getting stuff done. That included going out for my weekly box of vegetables, where I can’t pay by credit card. I’ve always heard that money tends…