Sunday Photos: Los Llanos park

August 30, 2020

    I’ve spent much of the week proof reading the Spanish 3rd edition of the guide book Una espectacular ventana al universo, mosty checking bolding, italics and references. It’s boring work, but it needed to be done and I’m happy to say I’ve finished. I’ve also asked for feedback on the Spanish itself from friends who are native speakers, and they’ve found more for me to fix. To be…


Sunday photos: hermit crab and sally lightfoot crabs

Sally lightfoot crab, Grapsus adscensionis at La Salemera, Villa de Mazo, Isla de La Palma
August 23, 2020

I went back to La Salemera with my friend and her grandchildren, to find that the tide was put at the rock pool we’d swum in before was now too shallow for swimming. This was a great disappointment to the five year old until we found the hermit crabs. Then, of course, she was fascinated. After some googling I found that they’re Clibanarius erythropus If you haven’t seen hermit crabs,…


Sunday Photo: The End

August 16, 2020

A week of uninterrupted mornings has worked wonders and I’ve finished the edit. My novel is now with the first three beta readers. I hope they don’t find too much wrong. At the same time, I hope they find everything that’s wrong.


Sunday photos

August 9, 2020

I’m still starting almost every morning with Chai Latte. My husband brings me a coffee, bless him, and Chai comes trotting in and jumps on the bed. We have about five minutes of mutual admiration and petting, then she goes to sleep using me as a pillow while I drink coffee and read for about 15 minutes. It’s a great start to the day. For the last few days I…


Sunday photos: Sally lightfoot

August 2, 2020

I went to the beach at Salemera with my friend and her grandchildren. We went swimming in a big rock pool – well, sort-of swimming because even the deepest bits were only about half a metre, but it was great fun. Then I noticed something moving on the rocks at the edge of the pool. I pointed at it and told the six-year-old, “Oh look, there’s a red crab over…