Sunday photos: Rivendell

May 31, 2021

I’m taking a couple days out at Rivendell, and the place is working its usual magic. I swear time flows differently here. Words certainly do. Logically, part of it must be getting away from my usual domestic routine. Still, lately it’s been an effort to produce 200 words a day, but in half a day yesterday I managed 850 words. This week’s writing news is mostly that I’ve started writing…


Sunday photos – Lava

May 23, 2021

Ufff! That’s the translation and all associated paperwork completed, which is quite a relief. Wouldn’t you know it, my phone died, right in the middle of recovering a password which didn’t help at all. Luckily we have a not-very-smart phone which we keep for emergencies. After charging it and moving the SIM card and memory card over I had a phone again. Of course that left me with apps to…


Sunday Photos: Los Tilos

May 16, 2021

It’s been mad busy. I’ve been translating as fast as I could go and it’s nearly done. The Festivalito film group is going less well. My third attempt at a script was well received, but I had to miss most of the meeting to firm it up. And the next thing I knew was that the group had broken up for reasons I don’t understand. It was a tight, and…


Sunday photos: dawn at the Roque

May 4, 2021

Another week with not much progress on “Pinch Me”, but for nice reasons. I sent off another query to another agency about “Murder by Starlight”, so that’s 10 queries out there, and I feel I can afford to hold off sending more until I get a reply or two. I haven’t heard back about the big translating job, but I got a different one. I’m translating the Transvulcania website. (Transvulcania…