St. John’s bonfires

Waiting for the witches' dancing at San Juan fiesta at Puerto Naos
Waiting for the witches' dance

In Spain it’s traditional to have a bonfire to mark the feast of St John the Baptist, on the night of June 23rd.  There are lots of private bonfires on La Palma, and some people use the occasion to have a good clear out and burn the rubbish.  Several beaches hold bonfire parties, too.  And I’m told that in some cases there’s nude bathing.

I don’t know about you, but to me, bonfires and nude bathing at midsummer sounds a good deal older than Christianity

Witches dancing around a bonfire for San Juan fiesta, Puerto Naos, La Palma
Witches dancing around a bonfire for San Juan fiesta

But in Puerto Naos they add their own twist.  A covern of witches appears at about 10:30 pm and dances around bonfire.  Then they chase the children (who love it, of course).

I asked this lady for a curse on my boss, but she said that they’re all good witches, and they don’t do curses, ever, even for bosses.

Which is a good thing, seeing as I’m self-employed.

Witch at San Juan fiesta at Puerto Naos, La  Palma
The witch who doesn't do curses

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