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I’m currently working on a thriller, set in the observatory at the Roque de Los Muchachos.



I have three books on sale.





Honorable Mention in On The Premises mini-contest #5 with The Kitchen .

First Place in On The Premises” mini-contest #1 with Shopping Lists.

Equal First Place in the “Short not Sweet” contest at

Honourable Mention in 2007 Pearl’s Writing Group Contest.

National Novel Writing Month Winner, 2004

Quarter Finalist in Writers of the Future, June 2000 with “Breathing Space”.




I have six short stories at Alfie Dog fiction – only 39p per download!

Some Day My Prince Will Go: Rapunzel finds life at the top of a tower amazingly boring. She can’t wait for Prince Charming to rescue her. But princes are rare and not always charming, or even competent, and witches aren’t always what they seem either. What’s a princess to do?

Love Spell:
What do you do when your husband’s losing interest? You might even be desperate enough to try a love spell from your New Age neighbour. Even though love spells don’t always work the way you planned.

Guilt: Brian and Wendy work opposite shifts, and hardly talk these days. Wendy loves him, but life is incredibly dull, until Marty talks her into a wild night out. The trouble is, she feels so very guilty about Brian.

Cross Examination: You don’t get to choose your family, although Major George Smyth would certainly chose a different son-in-law. He can’t stand the fellah, which means that he doesn’t see much of his daughter and grandchildren. The last thing he needs is to get involved in the young whippersnapper’s court case.

Junk: Stu swears by hanging onto anything and everything that might come in handy. Carol loves him, so she tries to stay calm and clean around the piles of junk. They’re going round in circles. How long can this go on? And what will it take for things to change?

Thrice upon a Time: Everyone knows that the prince has to rescue his princess from a tower. And of course that means that they’ll fall in love and be perfectly compatible until death do us part. Yeah, right.

And Thrice upon a Time is included in the anthology, “Thrice upon a Time“, also from Alfie Dog, just £1.99.


“Zuggy Zu and the Humans” and “Scream Quietly”: are in the Escape Velocity anthology

“A Face Worse than Death”: is out in the anthology Probing Uranus from the Library of Science Fiction and Fantasy

“Shopping Lists”: Spook City

“Frying Cabbage”: Untied Shoelaces of the Mind



“Scream Quietly” will appear in The Temporal Element II from Martinus Publishing


Fiction sales:

“Scream Quietly” is in The Mammoth Book of Time Travel SF Paperback (September 3, 2013)

Rose Petals, Lavender and Glitter” appear in Abyss & Apex in September 2012

Agent Hammer: Licensed to Kibble” was in On The Premises issue 17

“Breathing Space” was published by Something Wicked Anthology Volume 1 2012

“Loathsome Alyce” is in the Wily Writers Best of anthology, Volume 2

“The Appliance of Science” appeared in The Dunesteef Audio Fiction Magazine episode 131

“Muddy Holes” in “People’s Friend Fiction Special No. 49 ” on sale July 14, 2011.

“The Dodo Dragon” was published as a podcast on “The Way of the Buffalo” on Tuesday, May 17, 2011.

“The Dodo Dragon” is in  “The War of the Worlds: Front lines” from Northern Frights Publishing.

“Some Day my Prince Will Go” November 2010 at Daily Science Fiction

“Unreal Estate” October 2010 Wily Writers

“The Circle Line” May 2010 Untied Shoelaces of the Mind, Issue 2

“Loathsome Alyce”: February 2010 issue of Wily Writers

“Screamcatcher”: January 2010 Untied Shoelaces of the Mind, Issue 1

“Thrice upon a Time”: December 2009 Issue of Afterburn SF.

“Scream Quietly”: Robert Blevin’s column at Newsvine

“Designer Genes”: April/May 2009 Issue of AlienSkin Magazine.

“Zuggy Zu and the Humans”: Issue 4 of Escape Velocity

“The Mummy’s Curse”: April 2009 issue of Flash Fiction Online

“Unreal Estate “: Electric Velocipede Some stories from the issue are available free online.

” Scream Quietly”: appeared in Abandonned Towers 2008

“The Sock Drawer”: online at Reflection’s Edge

“What’s a Few tentacles Between friends “: Cross-genre Cthulu, an anthology from Permuted Press

“The Whole Kitten Caboodle “: in A Cup of Comfort for Cat Lovers published in July 2008

“Infant Colic”: online at Cosmos Magazine

“The Dodo Dragon”: Issue 3 of Escape Velocity You can buy the issue at here.

“The Appliance of Science”: Issue 2 of Escape Velocity You can buy the issue at Lulu

“Scream Quietly”: Issue 1 of Escape Velocity You can buy the issue at Lulu

“Listas de Compra”: Issue 2 of Ruido the dead tree version of the new cultural magazine for La Palma.

“If at First You Don’t Succeed…”: R. S. Publishing The e-book Store.

Titch” in Issue 4.5 (Christmas 2006) of FARthing This is the Christmas card with drabbles sent to subscribers.

“The Dodo Dragon”: in the Greek magazine Ennea (Eleftherotypia) June 2006

“Breathing Space”:Nowa Fantastyka (A Polish magazine) December 2005

“The Dodo Dragon”: in Adbusters September 2005

“A Decent Woman”: Yours, August 17th, 2005

“Scream Quietly”: Premier issue of FARthing August 3rd, 2005 (And here’s a review in Interzone)

“Caught in the Oort”: Alien Skin, June/July 2005

“Conan the Librarian”: Alien Skin, June/July 2004.

“The Appliance of Science”: Colin Harvey’s Showcase, February 2004

“The Breath of the Stars”: Malefica; June 2002

“Between a Rock and a Hard Place”: Dragonlaugh; April 2002

“Lazy Cow” also in Chat. March 2002

“Breathing Space”: in Oceans of the Mind January 2002 (And here’s a review in Tangent)

“Destroying Angel”: Jotter’s Pad; October 2001

“The Battle of the Bulge”: Planet Relish; August 2001

“Dream On”: UK women’s magazine Chat (circulation 500,000); May 2000

“Oh Baby!”: Planet Relish, 1999;

“Zuggyzu and the Humans”: Peridot Books;

“Repentance”: Temple of Luna;

“The Dodo Dragon”: Jackhammer;


“Jason McFee”: Sapphire Sunday;

“Motherlove”: Sapphire Sunday;

“Poetry is an OCD”: Inkblot;

“Clean Limerick”: Planet Relish;

“Dear Children’s Editor”: Inkblot;

“Comma-nication”: Young at Heart ;

“The Perfect Word”: Writer Online.


“The Price of Ignorance”: Jackhammer e-zine and Best of Jackhammer Anthology

A Better Class of Drunks“: Kafenio (voted 3rd in the 2000 Preditors and Editors poll of Best non fiction of the year. And look who’s 17th!)

“Why not These Two?” Published in HeroicStories in 2003. This is a FREE email magazine of true stories about ordinary people doing nice things for each other. I find it a great antidote to the evening news.

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