Sunday photos: The solstice conjunction

December 27, 2020

I made time to go and see the conjenction of Jupiter and Saturn. I’d originally planned to drive half an hour from home to Llano del Jable, on the island’s spine, but the observatory webcams showed that the clouds were higher than usual, so I went all the way up to the observatory. I haven’t done that for quite a while, but it was worth it. The longer drive meant…


Merry Christmas

December 24, 2020

  And a very merry Christmas to both my readers. I’m going to take some time out to pay atention to my family, cook, and eat far too much. I hope you get to spend at leasst some time with the people you most care for, and that next year is better all around.  


Sunday photos: Not reaching the viewpoint

December 20, 2020

For years I’ve taken bus-loads of tourists to the viewpoint at San Bartolome and every time I’d see the signpost for the “Mirador de la somada alta” (Viewpoint of the High Lookout) on the other side of the main road, pointing up a steep track. On Thursday I took a day off writing and finally went. Did I mention that it looked steep? It didn’t feel any less steep walking…


Sunday photos: fungi

December 13, 2020

It’s rained quite a bit this last week and the island is juicy again. That means lots of fungi in the woods. I found this tiny one near Pared Vieja . I never noticed the bug on it until I started taking photos. Both the fungi and the bug are seriously tiny. I took a photo with my fingertip for comparison. The photo below is a blusher, Amanita rubescens, again…


Sunday photos: a rainbow

December 7, 2020

Chai can jump up onto chairs now – that’s a little higher than she could jump last week. We’ve had a couiple of “Oi, watch it!” protest meows, but I don’t think we’ve had a yowl of pain for no visible reason all week. I got my competition entries off, plus I submitted a short story I wrote earlier. I have a week before the deadline of the remaining competition…