Sunday photos: sunbeams and a dead bush

November 25, 2019

Autumn has arrived. It’s getting quite chilly at the top of the mountain and I drive part of the way home through the clouds. On Saturday I showed a winter school group around the observatory and didn’t finish until 16:45. It was getting quite close to sunset when i drove past the Caldera and found this sketeton of a codso bush.


Photos of the week: baby pine trees and bracken

November 21, 2019

Baby Canary pine trees are a completely differnet colour from the mature, green trees. They’re a lovely pale blue. Now, in late autumn, the bracken has turns shades of gold and brown. I think the combination is beautiful, particularly when it’s all wet. And near the top of the pine forest there’s the dark green of the codeso bushes too.


Sunday photos: a snail

November 10, 2019

I found a snail on my balcony one evening. The light was fading and the breeze bounced the stalk arond, so none of the photos are critically sharp. And then I had some fun tweaking the photos with GIMP. Which do you prefer?