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Squee Sunday: Baby Elephants

On Sunday I had flu, so the Sunday cute is late. I once dreamed that I had a baby elephant as a pet. He was terminally cute, but of course an elephant is a lot of work. So by the time I’d dragged in a mountain of food and cleared away a mountain of manure I was exhausted. I collapsed onto the sofa with a well-earned cup of tea. The baby…


I got my lovely laptop back

My laptop developed a fault. I had to jiggle the power lead around to get it to charge, and it got worse and worse until I could hardly use the laptop. So I couldn’t do any blog posts even though it’s carnival and I had photos of the snow at the Roque. Now my husband’s fixed it, bless him, so I can get busy on the blogs. Only I’ve caught another…



If you’re getting neck ache trying to read that, it says: I don’t have to write in only one colour and I don’t have to write in traditional lines from left to right. There are advantages to the traditional way of doing things. It’s faster for a start, but it’s probably good to remind myself that there are lots of different POSSIBILITIES and rules are mostly just sensible guidelines rather…