Photos of the week: La Verdad

The press conference at the exhibition for La Verdad
April 15, 2018

Santa Cruz de La Palma used to have a shipyard. One of the largest ships they built was La Verdad, 485 tons displacement, which was wrecked on a reef south of Bermuda shortly after a hurricane in 1899. Luckily the water was shallow and the crew, cargo and bell were saved, although the first mate apparently had a terrible job to persuade the captain to leave. Thomas Cox, a retired…



The BBC has a fascinating news item about sunken treasure found near Sumatra. (See ) About 1,200 years ago, the Chinese were already mass producing china for export. But the two bits that got me: the blue dye used for blue and white china originally came from Iran, and the dhow was probably headed for the port of Samara, which is called Basra today. So the good Samaritan in the…

October 19, 2008